speed school
is in session!

Speed School is here for you!

With schools being closed, we are opening our locations in Cincinnati and Florence for day camp.  From 8-5 Monday - Friday your child can hang out at Full Throttle Adrenaline Park and receive school work help, lunch, and fun activities to fill the void of recess.  The fun activities will vary from Indoor Karting, Virtual Reality, movies, board games, video games, and more!

Due to the need for parents to continue to work and have a safe place for their children to go, we are dropping our price from $75 to $60 per kid per day in order to help more families continue to function in these difficult times.

If your child needs to borrow a laptop or device to be able to complete their school work, they are available for use for an additional $10 per day.  


Temporarily closed effective 10pm 3/16/2020


Call: 833-351-5278