Need an Adrenaline Rush? You just found it.

This may look as crazy as it sounds because honestly, it is crazy… But in all the right ways. Ever have that urge to smash a glass bottle or destroy that printer at work that always jams? Now you can!

At Full Throttle’s SMASH Cincinnati or SMASH Florence, we provide you with everything you need to safely smash items with no consequence or clean up after! With a SMASH Supervisor assisting you every step of the way, from briefing to suiting up, you will be ready to take on the room full of breakables!

Smash your way to the ultimate rush in our SMASH room.  Don’t worry, we don’t judge how big of a mess you make, as long as you come out of the room with a smile and the adrenaline pumping!


Available as an add-on to the Adrenaline Pass!

The SMASH Room Goes Like this

  • Participants will register and decide on package/ additional breakables.
  • No more than 4 people per session at a time.
  • Group will be taken through safety briefing and have any questions answered.
  • Each guest will be assisted on suiting up and make sure PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is properly fitting.
  • Escorted into the room and go over final details.
  • Given the go ahead for 10 minutes of smashing away.
  • When everything is smashed, leave the mess to us and we can take pictures of everyone.
  • We will assist with gear removal and let you walk away smiling ear to ear.
  • All Smashers must be 18 or older.
  • Each Individual must purchase a package to enter room to SMASH.

Frequently asked questions

What is the dress code?
Besides requiring general good taste (no shirts, no shoes, no service) and no open-toed shoes, we provide the rest of the equipment to SMASH safely!
Are there any age restrictions?
Smash Room Participants must be 18 years old to enter room. No exceptions.
What objects are we smashing?
Great question! We SMASH a variety of items ranging from glass bottles, ceramic plates, to printers, computer monitors, and even big screen TVs! It all depends on the package and any additional add-ons you purchase for your session!
What else is there for guests to do?
There’s a lot of adrenaline to be spent at Full Throttle. We offer high-speed indoor go-karts for ages three and up, snacks, adult beverages at our full bar, axe-throwing, and more! There is something to do for almost everyone!
Can I bring my own stuff to smash?
Of course you can! We allow people who purchase the BYOS package to bring in a large cardboard box that can be carried into facility that they can fill with breakable items. Check list of items from our DONATIONS FAQ for ideas. These items will be inspected by us before being permitted to be Smashed in the room for safety purchases. Any questions about the item, feel free to email us at
Are walk-in SMASH times available?
Walk-in SMASH sessions are subject to availability based on Adrenaline Pass capacity. The SMASH room is an addon to the Adrenaline Pass but for individual activity pricing if there is availability, please call to check availability and package options.
Do you take donations for the SMASH Room?
We love taking donations for the SMASH Room! Instead of pitching your junk, we may be able to give it one more life to make someone happy! Please feel free to email us at with list of items to make sure we can take them or are unsure if something is safe to smash! Items we look for are plates, glasses, bottles, vases, glass/ ceramic decorations, computers, laptops, printers, monitors, plastic-front TVs (No glass face), electronics, anything that you think that would be fun to SMASH! No items that contain gases, chemicals, liquids, or filled with something. No objects that are flammable or could explode upon impact. We appreciate any and all donations and just know you are giving someone a thrill. We do our best to recycle what we can after smashing is complete! .


Tri-County and Florence NOW OPEN

Monday-Thursday: 10:30 AM – 10 PM

Friday-Saturday: 9:30 AM – 12 AM

Sunday: 10:30 AM – 7 PM


Call: 833-351-5278