What’s in a Logo?

“Behind every company logo stands everyday people. People who have individual hobbies, interests, families, hopes, and dreams,” stated Becky Vaughn, Director of Sales for Full Throttle Adrenaline Park. 

Yesterday, we brought Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Leadership staff from all six locations to our Cincinnati Adrenaline Park for some team and cross-departmental bonding and development. Full Throttle is “Building Winners” across all levels of our growing company, we believe that our employees are a great investment – both personally and professionally. 

Working with the “Unbelievable” Boaz Rauchwerger has been a thrilling and fruitful experience! Our team is closer, more confident, and aligned with our company vision and execution of goals. Additionally, we opened up to one another sharing deep life moments, many laughs, and personal dreams. This is what great teams are made of, friends who can pick on one another while pushing each other to grow personally and professionally while being the best person you can be. 

We want to make sure that the everyday people standing behind our logo have the tools to succeed and tackle anything going full throttle, knowing that they have a great team behind them to cheer them on! 

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