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Adrenaline Pass Secondary

What You Receive

Providing the best value for our guests; this reserved 2-hour pass provides access to our most popular activities: high-speed Go Karting and Axe Throwing. It also provides a 10% discount on food and beverages during your visit. Guests can try any combination of activities or focus on their favorite! 

  • 2-hour Reserved Session
  • High-Speed Go Karting 6-minute race session. After your race, you may visit the CSR to schedule an additional race or alternate activity as time and space allow.
  • Axe Throwing featuring a wide variety of digitally projected targets and themes. Axe-throwing sessions generally range from 15-30 minutes in duration. After your Axe session, you may visit the CSR to schedule additional time or alternate activity as time and space allow. Limited to Ages 12+. 


  • Pro & Junior Karts
    • $45 Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
    • $50 Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday

  • Mini Karts - COMING SOON
    • $29 Monday through Thursday, Noon to 2 PM & 2 to 4 PM
    • Note, Mini Adrenaline Pass includes karting only.

Important Information:

Adrenaline Pass is $50 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, and $45 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Reservations are strongly encouraged.

You must have an Annual Membership in order to participate in karting, $8.00. Your membership provides:

  • Free Adrenaline Pass month of Birthday (not redeemable on Saturdays)
  • Karting Liability Coverage
  • Equipment Rental
  • Race Result Printouts as requested
  • Podium Perks loyalty program access to exclusive offers & more

Helpful Tip:

Consider Off-Peak Days & Hours. Similar to visiting an amusement park, you may be able to participate in substantially more activities if you purchase an Adrenaline Pass for off-peak days and hours. These are typically Monday through Thursday before 6:00 PM.

Adrenaline Pass FAQ'S

What is the Adrenaline Pass?
Our best value is our two-hour Adrenaline Pass which provides access to high-speed Go Karting & Axe Throwing. Guests can try everything included or focus on their favorite activity!

How long does it last?
It is a 2-hour time block.

How can I purchase an Adrenaline Pass?
You can purchase over the phone, on our website, or in person at our Park.

How many races can I get with the Adrenaline Pass?
Each participant starts with 2 races, & any more after that will depend on Park availability.

Are there any extra discounts with the Adrenaline Pass?
You also receive 10% off on drinks & food.

Is there anything else I need to purchase?
You will need to purchase an $8 annual membership separately, which is REQUIRED to race.

What do I get with my annual membership?
You receive a FREE birthday Adrenaline Pass to use during the month of your birthday except for Saturdays.

How much is the Adrenaline Pass?
$45 from Tuesday - Thursday & $50 from Friday - Monday.

Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are strongly recommended during the weekend (Saturday-Sunday), then subject to availability during weekdays (Monday-Friday)

Will there be other people with us?
Other members of the general public will also be participating in Park activities.

Is this for one person or for a group?
An Adrenaline Pass is purchased per person & cannot be shared amongst other people.

Are there age or height requirements to participate in the Adrenaline Pass?
Pro Karts: 14+ years of age & at least 55” tall.
Junior Karts: 7+ years of age & at least 48” tall.
Axe Throwing: 12+ years of age.

Where can I schedule the activities during my 2-hour Adrenaline Pass?
All activities will be scheduled with a Crew Member at the front counter.

Can I schedule specific times for the included activities?
The exact activity timing is dependent on Park availability during your visit.

Is there an order for the activities scheduled?
The order of activities is dependent upon Park availability at check-in.

Can you switch activities out for another activity?
No activities included on the Adrenaline Pass can be substituted for other activities.

When is the best time to do the Adrenaline Pass?
Consider off-peak days & hours between Monday — Thursday.

Is there an expiration date on the Adrenaline Pass?
It is ONLY a one-time visit during the scheduled 2-hour block. You must purchase another Adrenaline Pass to participate in another 2-hour block.

Whom should I ask if I have other questions?
Please ask any of our Crew Members or managers if you have any more questions.