Novi Karting Secondary


Why settle for half-fast, when you can go Full Throttle? We don't just offer go-karting; we deliver an in-your-face, pulse-pounding adventure that will leave you craving more. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time racer, our high-speed haven is ready to test your limits and ignite your competitive spirit.

Two Kart Options:

  • Pro Karts 14 years of age and older and at least 55″ tall.
  • Junior Karts 7 years of age and older and at least 48” tall.

There are two ways to race: 

  1. Reserve a 2-Hour Adrenaline Pass online and get as many races as possible. 
  2. Or walk-in and purchase race packages for a set amount of races (subject to availability). 

RACE PACK PRICING (WALK-IN ONLY, subject to availability)

  • 1-Race Pack $25
  • 2-Race Pack $46
  • 3-Race Pack $59


  •    Free Adrenaline Pass month of birthday*
  •    Karting Liability Coverage**
  •    Equipment Rental
  •    Printouts as requested
  •    Access to Exclusive Offers & More

Kart Options

We offer a variety of karts to suit drivers from ages 7+ and most shapes and sizes up to 325 pounds! We highly recommend you select the kart that best matches your driving ability regardless of age for the safest and best experience.

Pro Karts

The state-of-the-art SODI go kart features an electric motor to power you around the track at speeds up to 40 mph! Safety comes standard; our go-karts meet all safety guidelines for indoor karting and offer outstanding shock stability and impact resistance. Additionally, these karts offer seat and pedal adjustments to ensure a proper and comfortable fit for drivers at least 14 years of age and older and at least 55″ tall. We offer a seat insert to ensure smaller drivers fit snugly in the seat. Ask trackside and our crew will gladly help you get the fit you need to race your best!

Junior Kart

Drivers at least 7 years of age and older and at least 48” tall may drive our Junior Karts which are limited to approximately 20 mph.


Important Information:

Reservations are strongly encouraged.

You must have an annual membership in order to participate in karting, $8.00.

Helpful Tip:

Consider Off-Peak Days & Hours. Similar to visiting an amusement park, you may be able to participate in substantially more activities if you purchase an Adrenaline Pass for off-peak days and hours. These are typically Monday through Thursday before 6:00 PM.

*One Free Adrenaline Pass may be used during your birth month but is not valid on Saturdays. ID is required at the time of redemption. Free Adrenaline Pass requires a previously purchased Annual Membership and Race Purchase (Adrenaline Pass or Race Package).

**All drivers are responsible for driving safely, and any damage to the kart and/or track/barrier system while driving is the driver's responsibility. Our Karting Liability Coverage provides protection and peace of mind. If you are to damage a kart and/or track/barrier system, you are responsible for repair costs. Karting Liability Coverage limits