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Mini Bikes

Mini Bikes



Please register for the class that you belong in, not the class that has openings. Improper registrations to get around capacity restrictions will be deleted.
Youth Rider Entry Package (includes Rider Pit Pass):
Youth riders or introductory riders who cannot keep pace with traffic.
Beginner Rider Entry Package (includes Rider Pit Pass):
Riders learning to manage a consistent pace and handle minor traffic.
Intermediate Rider Entry Package (includes Rider Pit Pass):
Riders who can handle moderate pace and moderate traffic.
Advanced Rider Entry Package (includes Rider Pit Pass):
Riders who desire to attempt questionable pace on a toy and can manage tense traffic interactions.  Elbows will likely be rubbed.  Riders should have approval from Admin prior to registering in this class.  If you are new to mini moto racing, this is not your class.
Spectator Pit Pass:
This Pit Pass is required for anyone entering the pits but not participating in the event, whether it is to socialize or assist with bike tech. Only available for purchase on the day of the event, in store.


Rider requirements: 
· All riders must wear a helmet, gloves, and have body coverage at minimum. Riding boots are heavily recommended. 
· Additional protection is optional but recommended.

Bike requirements:
· Bikes are not provided.
· We are currently limited to mini bikes by insurance. For now, this will include XR50, CRF50, Z50, TTR50, and DRZ70 (same frame and wheel size as Honda 50s) only (88cc kits are allowed - other motor swaps will not be allowed.
· All bikes MUST have a catch can to be allowed on the track. These need to not only catch, but hold fluids. Spills cause a loss of track time, but they are easily avoided by proper catch cans.
    - All drain lines from the carburetor should go into the can, and at least one vent line should be run from the can.
    - Catch cans need to be below the carburetor to function properly. If you want to test yours, set the bike on it’s right side with the gas on. Fuel from the carburetor should only leak into the catch can (note that a full tank and poor gas cap seal is a different issue, and usually does not cause problems with small falls), but should remain in the can (do not get wild with drilling your line entry holes - lines should be snug).

· OEM dipsticks are advised; any other dipsticks must be safety wired to be allowed on the track (especially billet dipsticks).

· Stunt pegs are not allowed.

· Bikes MUST be clean before entering the track. If you bring a muddy bike, you will be unable to participate until the bike is cleaned. Mud and dirt on the track, in fact, does not add traction. And don't try to clean it in our parking lot either :)

· All bike hardware should be tight and appropriately fit. Parts should not fall off while riding.

· Unsafe bikes will not be permitted on the track.

· There will be a tech inspection prior to every event, but we recommend that you perform one as well prior to leaving your house.
    -Throttles should return automatically, tires should have proper pressures, spokes should be tight, etc.







Youth (With Adult Purchase)


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Mini Bikes


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