Gasoline engines? Inside? What about the fumes!?

Customers often ask us how we can safely run gasoline engines inside a building. We take your safety very seriously, so we are happy to share our solutions for maximizing safety and comfort.

Why Gas?

We run gas powered karts because we believe that your true racing experience includes sights, sounds, and feelings. Your racing experience will be enhanced by the roar of an engine. We can run for extended times without stopping – and this allows our customers to experience a wide variety of racing formats; including our endurance racing series. We believe with responsible management of exhaust gasses; a gas-powered track will create superior customer experience.
In the history of indoor karting centers across the globe, you will find a wide variance of how tracks manage the ventilation of exhaust gasses out of the building. The regulations differ from city to city and state to state. In municipalities where regulations are light, operators have not always taken clean air seriously. We wanted to be different.

In Building Ventilation:

We have installed a state of the art ventilation system that constantly monitors levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the track area. 14 strategically placed sensors take a reading every second, and are programmed to turn systems on and off as needed. The Ventilation system is comprised of multiple fresh air intakes units and exhaust fans. At full capacity, the system introduces the equivalent of the full volume of the building in fresh air, while exhausting a similar amount of “dirty” air every 15 minutes. This cycling of air helps ensure maximum safety and comfort of our guests and crew. Since we all know that Cincinnati has winters – we also recognize the need to heat the incoming air in the colder months. Our intakes heat the air to a comfortable 60 degrees as it is introduced into the building. This, coupled with the heat generated by the engines, help keep the building comfortable.

Catalytic Converters

Our karts came with catalytic converters installed from the factory, but we weren’t satisfied with their performance. We partnered with a global leader in exhaust technology and developed a more efficient catalytic converter that can handle the rigors of our high heat, high RPM racing engines. After a few trials to get it right and much development in the lab, we settled in on the right converter solution to reduce not only the CO output, but to also eliminate the hydrocarbons produced by our engines. (the source of the smell often found with small gas engines). Customers often remark about the lack of exhaust fume smell inside our tracks – this is because of our catalytic converters. These converters were custom built to keep you comfortable in the track.

Green Initiatives

When we opened, we wanted to be sure to focus on being as energy efficient as we can be. We have taken many steps towards this goal. We installed LED / CFL lights in all areas of the building. Our ventilation system is programmed to be used only when needed – and the effects of the catalytic converters cause the system to run less, saving both electricity and natural gas. We also re-tuned the karts for maximum efficiency – which means they use less fuel. Our focus on energy efficiency has generated great results. Since opening, and even with our expansion, Our average electric bill has been reduced by over 50%, natural gas consumption has been reduced by over 40%, and our fuel economy for the karts has improved by nearly 20%.


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