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Crafted for the bold and the daring, DETONATE pits teams of 2-6 players against a ten-minute clock in a race to defuse a series of elaborate devices. With its aggressive challenges and in-your-face thrills, DETONATE promises an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers of all levels.

In DETONATE, participants find themselves thrust into the heart of a high-stakes mission as newly drafted FBI operatives. Their objective? To infiltrate the covert operations of the Nightshade Network, a notorious group of explosive experts, and thwart their latest diabolical scheme before time runs out.

This electrifying adventure offers:

  • Pulse-pounding challenges that test wit and teamwork.
  • Diverse puzzles tailored to players of every level.
  • A sensory-rich environment complete with fog, lights, and sound.
  • A confetti cannon that adds an extra layer of excitement if the clock hits 0:00.

$15 Per Person - Only $10 Per Person when you add-on to Adrenaline Pass purchases.